Fast Facts

Name: Daniel Robinson

Year: Freshman

Major: Business with a minor in Spanish

Robinson stands next to a volleyball net at a sand court. Photo via Cara Clark.

When Daniel Robinson moved in on Aug. 12, he was not on any of Milligan’s intercollegiate sports teams, but two weeks into the school year that changed.

Robinson played basketball, soccer, baseball and tennis in high school, but he had never played volleyball with an organized team. After hearing about the Milligan men’s volleyball team from his friends and meeting a few of the guys, he knew he wanted to join.

Robinson attended an open practice on Sunday and was a part of the team by Monday. He admits he is a competitive person, so the chance to join the team was great.

“They are good friends and good teammates,” remarked Robinson.

The team has been very encouraging to Robinson and are taking the time to help build his skills. And they are excited to have him.

“He reminds me a lot of myself joining as a walk-on freshman year,” graduate student player Andrew Doehring said. “And it’s easy to see that his athleticism and dedication will really contribute to the team’s success both this year and in the future. He naturally has a lot of energy which is great to see. When it comes to game time and we’re down by a set or two, that will be really important.”

The team practices a couple times a week, but Robinson also works on his own to prepare for the upcoming season.

“I’ve been working on my jumping, but I need to find a good leg workout,” Robinson said.

Apart from taking on the challenge of a new sport, Robinson also looks forward to being on a team again.

He said, “I feel like, with the guys on the team, we’ll have a good season.”

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