Milligan men’s soccer coach, Adam Laney, will not be serving as a coach once the current season is over. Laney was informed by athletic director Mark Fox on Oct. 3 that he would be removed from his position.

Soccer coach, Adam Laney has been on staff since 2008. Photo via

Laney has been the head coach of the soccer team since 2008, making this season his 10th. Laney said he was not given a reason for his firing, but he made the “assumption that it was based on results.”

The men’s team has a current season record of 3-15-1. The last winning season was in 2012, with a record of 11-6. Since then, the team has not gotten more than six wins in a season.

“All it (has) done is create chaos,” senior men’s soccer player Noah Hickerson said in regards to the news of Laney’s firing.

According to Hickerson, the team felt a change was needed, and that “the relationship between player and coach was poor.”

The team was informed before practice about two thirds into the season, according to Hickerson. Hickerson also said practices “went downhill fast” after the announcement.

“We weren’t getting better, and it didn’t seem like Coach’s heart was in it.”

“I think there was a lot of confusion… about the situation as a whole,” Laney said.

Women’s head coach Lisa Buckley stepped in to help lead the men’s practices, with Laney still acting as head coach.

Laney assumes that the administration is seeking to fill the coaching position. Fox has declined to comment.

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