Gabe Logan is the student body president and leader of Milligan’s Student Government Association.

The 2017-18 Milligan College SGA approved building a brick pathway with students’ names engraved on it. The pathway will be located between the library parking lot and Blowers Blvd. It will be roughly 25 feet and modeled after the sesquicentennial plaza.

Why is this important? And what does it mean for the school?

The location of this pathway is prime real estate; it is used daily as a shortcut when walking from the library steps toward Derthick and Hardin. For all the years that the current SGA executive members have been on campus, countless numbers of students have expressed interest in paving the area.

Using the sidewalk to walk a few extra steps around the grass is a valid option, but it is clear that students will continue to take the shortcut. The grass becomes worn out and unaesthetically pleasing. Especially when it rains or snows at Milligan, the grass turns into a mud path.

At the beginning of the year, President Bill Greer charged the SGA executive team in two ways.

First, he wanted “students to take ownership of the school,” which the pathway helps accomplish through hearing the students’ desires and taking action together to solve the issue.

Secondly, he challenged the SGA to “not think one year at a time but rather five years out and then advance the organization 20 percent of the way each year.” The pathway will also accomplish this mission by providing a sturdy, brick walkway to benefit students in the future.

The main target audience is the senior class, but the entire student body will be allowed to purchase bricks in order to ensure our achievement of the goal. The name-engraved bricks will be sold at $100 and at least 50 bricks should be sold to cover the cost.

The SGA believes that the brick pathway will not only solve the issues of providing an aesthetically pleasing landscape and an alternative for muddy shoes but also create a sense of pride among the students. For graduating seniors the pathway will remain on campus as a lasting legacy, and for the returning students it will strengthen their presence.

The SGA hopes to see Milligan College grow and cultivate a lasting sense of community. The pathway is another way to make our campus more beautiful and memorable.

Before we continue the project, we would like to know from the student body if this is a project that you support and believe will help the school.

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