Taylor Swift is back, and, man, I am excited.

“Reputation,” her sixth studio album, was released on Nov. 10, 2017.

Many fans were nervous about how this album was going to turn out, because the singles Swift released were somewhat questionable.

“Look What You Made Me Do” was a big “no” from some of the fans but was redeemed somewhat by the music video.

“…Ready For It?” was much more of a hit and eased fans’ nerves. Swift has a history of releasing singles that tend to be the least favorites on her albums, and this seemed to be the case.

“Gorgeous” was a hit for some and not for others. This was a very middle-of-the-line song.

“Call It What You Want” was the final, pre-released single and the most “old Taylor” sounding of the four.

This album continues on the pop trend that “1989” started, with more of an edgy feel. This isn’t your sad, “teardrops on your guitar” Taylor. This is a darker, edgier, fiercer Taylor.

The album starts off with “…Ready For It?”, a strong pop bop that will get you into the album as a whole. This is followed by her song featuring both Future and Ed Sheeran, “End Game.” No one knew they needed Ed Sheeran rapping in their life, but, oh boy, we do.

The most surprising song on the album, “Dress,” is next. It has the same vibe as “Delicate” and “Getaway Car,” but the lyrics are the raciest Swift has ever sung. The line, “I bought this dress just for you to take it off,” is repeated throughout the chorus and can be quite a shock.

The final song on the album, and my favorite, is “New Year’s Day.” This is the most “Old Taylor” sounding and the sweetest. This is the love song we all expect and want Taylor Swift to write.

Overall, this album is a success. It is best blasted in a car, sung at the top of your lungs with your friends. It was a long three-year wait but worth it without a doubt. It has the pop sound she started in “1989” but progresses to a different version of that, as she is a different Taylor than the “1989” Taylor. There are still splashes of “Old Taylor” but without making you miss her (too much).

With a new Taylor comes even a new style of album art. https://zayzay.com/music/taylor-swifts-release-first-single-new-reputation-album-tomorrow/

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