Dear Brutus

I can’t seem to shake the mid-winter blues. What can I do to stay motivated?

Dear Mid-Winter Blues,

It seems as if when the temperature starts to drop so can our motivation to keep going strong. I always like to remind myself of the good things to come while trying to seek out hope in the now. While the trees on campus might have lost their leaves already, we know that within a few weeks they will start to grow green once again, then lead into blossoms. Keep your buffalo spirits up and embrace the herd. It can be very easy to stay locked up in your room in the cold weather, but still try to seek out time with friends and have fun.

Please remember that you are not the only one that feels this way. I am sure you are not alone in feeling less motivated in the slump between first and second exams. If you are still taking humanities, I strongly recommend to keep an alarm to make sure you make it to the Tuesday/Thursday lectures. They may not always sound fun to go to if it is not your actual professor teaching, but each speaker has so much insight, and it’s a great privilege to learn from them.

This goes the same for that journey to getting all of your SFP credits. It can be easy to skip chapel and grab a nap or an earlier lunch, but take advantage of the time you have here and make it to chapel, convo and other great events coming up this semester!

January might have taken its sweet time, and a groundhog may have decided winter will be around longer, but this buffalo is already looking forward to a great spring semester.

Please feel free to keep asking questions; I’m always glad to help a fellow Buff!

Yours truly,


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