Caleb Perhne

I’m excited to lead the StampedeTV team for my final semester. I’ve reported for the Stampede since 2015 and have led the TV division for three years. My interest in local TV news began before I can even remember. I’m passionate about hard news, enterprise and investigative reporting with impact.

Kennedy Weber

Hello! I am a junior studying journalism and political science. I am from Indianapolis but have grown very fond of these East Tennessee mountains. I enjoy vanilla chai, Anne of Green Gables and learning about the world in which we live.

Emma Ellis

I am a sophomore double-major in social work and Spanish. I am a native Southern Californian exploring a new life in East Tennessee. I love traveling to new places, drinking chai lattes, celebrating Christmas and reading Jane Austen novels.

Taylor Martin

Social Media Manager
I'm otherwise known as @tee_mar10 from Richmond, Virginia. I'm a communications major with a double emphasis in public relations and multimedia journalism, with minors in psychology and women & gender studies. I love High School Musical, Troy Bolton and Zac Efron.

Mitchell Hancock

Graphic Designer
I'm a senior photography major. I also have minors in digital media and graphic design. Though I was born in Indiana, I've spent most of my life in Mexico. Some of my interests include playing harmonica, exploring new paces and consuming large amounts of coffee.

Judith Garza

Advertisement Manager
Blessed days! I am a sophomore with a double major in business and communication with an emphasis in finance, public relations and advertising. I come from the tip of South Texas, only 26 hours away, and am in awe of the amazing people I get to work alongside with. I admire the musical works of Chavela Vargas, artistic works of Frida Kahlo and prefer dogs over cats.

Daniel Peacock

Analytics Manager
I'm a senior here at Milligan College. I originally came from Buena Vista, Georgia, but I'm now proud to call Tennessee my home. I am pursuing a degree in communications, with an emphasis in both film studies and digital media. True to my major, I love watching and discussing all kinds of movies and television shows in my free time, as well as hiking and writing my own scripts.

Kristen Williams

Assistant Editor
I am a junior English major with a minor in journalism. I am from Jonesborough, Tenn. I have an identical twin sister named Katie, and I like to read, write and travel.

Erin Donovan

News Editor
I am a junior communications student, emphasizing in film studies and minoring in Bible. I am from right outside of Philadelphia, but I think I have gotten the hang of the word y'all. I love dogs, spoken word, documentaries and graham slam ice cream.

Alyssa Boyér

Sports Editor
I'm online at @allymboyer. I’m a junior double communications major focusing on journalism and public relations. You can find me either in the pool practicing or eating out at a Chinese restaurant. I’m engaged to one of the Sprouse twins, though unfortunately not the ones from the Tipton Hotel. Contact me with anything sports related!

Jordyn Morel

Features Editor
I’m a junior studying journalism and Spanish. I have a small crisis of identity when asked where I’m from, but the cornfields of Indiana and a valley in the Andes Mountains have both been home—and the list grows. My passions include social justice in its many forms, books that make me think, authentic tacos and oldies.

Sarah Carrion

Copy Editor
I’m a senior education major, hoping to make learning fun for the kids I will someday teach. I grew up in mountainous, coffee-producing Honduras--a Central American country roughly the size of Kentucky--with my missionary parents and three younger siblings. I miss speaking Spanish, kissing cheeks instead of shaking hands, and our foster baby Sofia. But I love the beauty of Tennessee--the sunrises and sunsets over the mountains; the changing leaves; the still, glittery, white snow but not the biting cold. It’s all in the details.

Emma Albrecht

I’m a sophomore communications major with an emphasis in public relations. I’ve lived in Johnson City for most of my life and have loved growing up around here. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family.

Kayla Baker

I am a sophomore communications major with a concentration in multimedia journalism. You can catch me on the softball field or at Cookout getting a milkshake. I spend most of my time talking instead of studying like I should.

Nick Baylor

I am a senior studying public relations. I am from Youngstown, Ohio, and discovered the Northeast Tennessee area through my family. I enjoy soccer and a good cup of coffee.

Sue Harrod

I’m a senior pursuing a B.A. in communications with emphasis in both PR/advertising and film studies, and a minor in international studies. I actually grew up in Johnson City and although I’m ready to graduate, I am definitely going to miss the mountains... and Pals. Also, when I’m not doing school work, I’m probably napping.

Noah Parker

I am a senior communications major with a film studies concentration. I enjoy working in production and have also completed a mathematics major. I live in Johnson City with my wife, Corinne.

Marlaina Peterson

I am a freshman communications major, emphasis in multimedia journalism. I’m from Mount Carmel, Tennessee. I have a younger sister/best friend/doubles partner who hopes to attend Milligan in two years. I'm also on the tennis team. I enjoy writing fiction, driving around, playing video games, board games and listening to music. I am so excited to see what God has in store for me here! Go Buffs!!

Vanessa Quinones

I'm a junior history major with a communications minor. I grew up in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, but my family and I made the move to Charlotte, North Carolina, last year. Some fun facts about me are that I'm a soccer player here at Milligan who loves Harry Potter, apple orchards and football, so naturally my favorite season is, of course, the fall.

Dalton Smith

I am a sophomore business major with a minor in communications. I am from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and I had never lived anywhere else until I moved to Milligan. I play volleyball at Milligan, and when I'm not at practice for that, I am usually just hanging out with my roommate.

AJ Trabold

I am a sophomore studying communications with an emphasis on PR and advertising. I am from Kalkaska, Michigan, but I now call Milligan and East Tennessee my home. I enjoy tinkering, speaking and I professionally play the drums.

Megan Williams

I am a junior studying communications with an emphasis in public relations/advertising. I am also a member of the Milligan women's soccer team. I was born in Ohio, but currently live in Knoxville. In my free time I enjoy hiking, reading and photography.

Shaun Whitson

I am currently a junior double majoring in both biology and photography. As a result, I have a wide range of interests. When I am not studying for an exam or taking photos, I am working on my car or discovering a new album on Spotify.

Jim Dahlman

Faculty Adviser
I’ve been advising the Stampede and teaching journalism, writing and other communications courses at Milligan since 1999. I’m a Milligan alum (class of ’80, soon after dinosaurs roamed the earth). I’ve been a magazine editor, newspaper columnist, minister, soccer player (ret.), runner and hiker. I’m still a husband, dad and chief steward for a cat named Sam.

Carrie Swanay

Faculty Adviser
Before Milligan, I worked with a local CBS affiliate for 10 years. StampedeTV allows me to keep my broadcast production addiction alive. My passions are producing, directing, video editing and technical directing. I enjoy teaching students to create news and feature stories for the show. I’ve been with Milligan for many years and feel blessed that the students keep me young.