Tiffany Florian

Editor in Chief
Hey there, I'm Tiffany Florian. I am a senior communications major at Milligan College with an emphasis in film studies and a minor in journalism. I love all forms of media whether it's news, movies or music. I was born and raised in North Carolina and in my spare time I like to sing, travel,bake, do yoga and read.

Caleb Perhne

I have been interested in local television news since at least the age of three. I have been reporting for the Stampede since January 2015, and I've served as producer of our TV newscasts since fall 2015. I work at WCYB-TV in Bristol, VA over school breaks, and I also manage WUMC, our campus radio station, and run live sound at my church.

Kennedy Weber

Assistant Editor
Hello! I am a sophomore studying journalism and political science major here at Milligan. Initially, I am from Indiana, however, I have made East Tennessee my home. I enjoy vanilla chai, Anne of Green Gables, and learning about the world in which we live.

Emma Ellis

I am a freshman communications major with a concentration in multimedia journalism. I am a native Southern Californian exploring a new life in East Tennessee. I love traveling to new places, drinking chai lattes, celebrating Christmas, and reading Jane Austen novels.

Elissa Borchert

Advertising Manager
As a lively international business major I am excited to bring my business "cents" to The Stampede. I am from Morristown, TN, not too far down the road and thoroughly enjoy the mountain air of East Tennessee. I love playing music with my little sister and exploring the Tri-Cities area with friends. Nothing is more exciting than finding a new hole-in-the-wall restaurant!

Sarah Carrion

Copy Editor
I am a junior who recently switched majors to Child and Youth Development, hoping to teach ESL to elementary kiddos. I grew up in Honduras and miss the people and the mountains. I enjoy playing volleyball, serving people, driving my car, and listening to music.

Jacqueline Synder

Promotions Manager
Hello all, I'm Jacqueline Snyder. I am a senior communications major with an emphasis in public relations and a double minor in political science and legal studies. I'm from Brownsville, Texas, where my loving family resides along with my two dogs. I love to travel the world, watch Netflix, attempt to workout, read Christian fiction and write my own stories.

Kelley Sorenson

Hey, I'm Kelley. I'm a senior digital media major from Denver, Colorado! My favorite parts about Tennessee are how nice everyone is and the weird looks people give you if you order unsweetened tea or tell them you're not much of a college football fan. I love photography, sports (Go Broncos!), skiing, hiking and pretty much any other outdoor activity. I'm a firm believer that every good day starts with a cup of coffee in hand.

Kayla Baker

I am a freshman communications major with a concentration in multimedia journalism. You can catch me on the softball field or at Cookout getting a milkshake. I spend most of my time talking instead of studying like I should.

Cody Carlson

Hey, my name is Cody Carlson. I am a sophomore digital media major with a double minor in multimedia journalism and coaching. I am on the men’s golf team, and I currently do play-by-play for WUMC Sports and the Milligan Stream Team. When I have free time, I enjoy practicing golf, fishing, volleyball and basketball. I am a huge coffee drinker, and I love to study in coffee shops.

Bailey Hight

I am a senior psychology major minoring in communications, and eventually pursuing occupational therapy. I am a St. Louis native, residing in the south for now. I love my parents, my three sisters, my two (oh so adorable) nephews, my dog Chase, the St. Louis Cardinals and Blues, Netflixing, planners, colored pens, student ministry, writing, driving and listening to music, eating out, coffee, people, and above all.. Jesus.

Noah Parker

I am a junior communications major with a film studies concentration. I enjoy working in production and am also working on a Mathematics major. I have spent my entire life living in this area and currently have no plans to escape.

Vanessa Quinones

Hi! My name is Vanessa, and I am a junior history major with a communications minor. I grew up in the Twin Cities, Minn., but my family and I made the move to Charlotte, N.C., last year. Some fun facts about me are that I'm a soccer player here at Milligan who loves Harry Potter, apple orchards and football, so naturally my favorite season is, of course, the fall.

Kristen Williams

Hello, my name is Kristen Williams. I am a junior English major with a minor in journalism. I am from Jonesborough, Tenn. I have an identical twin sister named Katie, and I like to read, write and travel.

Maddie Barnett

I'm a Southern California-born freshman with no major, but a strong interest in visual arts and writing. My hobbies include: drawing, painting, a bit of computer programming, a smidge of mycology, and watching mockumentary TV shows.

Brent Doolittle

I have a passion for video and photography. I enjoy shooting video and taking photos, but I really enjoy editing them as well. I like to build computers, and have built my own machine to edit photos and videos on. This summer I will be interning at a camp and will be helping with their Digital Media team. I also enjoy fishkeeping.

Lily Knott

I am a junior from Las Vegas, Nevada. I'm double majoring in English and Humanities with an emphasis in creative writing and a minor in History. I love all things having to do with autumn and a good mug of coffee.

Daniel Peacock


Brandon Smith

Hey there, I'm Brandon. I am a junior communications major with an emphasis in film studies and a minor in journalism. I absolutely love writing film reviews. I'm a huge news junkie, and I'm almost always listening to music. I was born and raised in Tennessee, and I love going to concerts and traveling to new places.

Shaun Whitson

Hello, I am Shaun Whitson. I am currently a junior double majoring in both biology and photography. As a result, I have a wide range of interests. When I am not studying for an exam or taking photos, I am working on my car or discovering a new album on Spotify.

Jim Dahlman

Faculty Adviser
I’ve been advising the Stampede and teaching journalism, writing and other communications courses at Milligan since 1999. I’m a Milligan alum (class of ’80, soon after dinosaurs roamed the earth). I’ve been a magazine editor, newspaper columnist, minister, soccer player (ret.), runner, and hiker. I’m still a husband, dad, and chief steward for a cat named Sam.

Carrie Swanay

Faculty Adviser