Brand New has a new album, released on August 19, and it is as good as the pun of Brand New’s brand new album. It’s called “Science Fiction,” which is more than a fitting title. It’s quirky, it’s kind of dark, and it’s a jam. It should be listened to with both headphones in, because that will enhance the whole experience with unique sounds and music for each ear. The album is perfect to sit down to with a hot cup of coffee and a flannel blanket and just listen.

“Science Fiction” is the final album from the band, which they released as a surprise after an eight-year hiatus.

“Why are you even asking me that question?” senior Jess Smith said when asked if she thought the album was worth the wait. “Yes, of course, yes.”

“Science Fiction” Album Artwork

The album starts off with an eerie recording of an older woman describing a dream while in therapy, and then leads into the first song, “Lit Me Up,” which sounds like a mix of Coldplay and Nirvana with a dash of Halloween. It’s as cool and creepy as you would expect. The whole album has the traditional pop punk sound but with a mellow and vulnerable twist.

The exception is “Could Never Be Heaven.” The fourth song is a much more acoustic indie rock in the best way possible.

My favorite song on the album is “451.” It has the traditional pop punk with just a little Violent Femmes twist; aka the best of both worlds.

The album concludes with an almost nine-minute song, which sounds intimidating but is rather surprisingly brilliant, acting as a very demure grand finale. “Batter Up” is the perfect melancholy ending song, with the last almost three minutes an intricate guitar instrumental. It’s like the emo version of Drake; you’ll be in your feels by the end of this song.

Overall, Brand New’s brand new album is a must listen, regardless of your taste in music. If you don’t dig the lyrics, it provides great background music for studying. If you do dig the lyrics, you are in for a real treat. “Science Fiction” sounds like it should be the soundtrack to Ender’s Game. It is weird, and it is wonderful.

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