Ready to test your trivia knowledge? Grab four of your friends and come out on Thursday nights to the Student Union Building (SUB 7) at 8 p.m. and test your trivia skills.

Heather Vaccaro and Heather Jackson lead Trivia Thursdays.

The opening night of the Trivia Thursdays had the SUB 7 full. Hosts Heather Jackson, director of student success and disability services, and Heather Vaccaro, instructor of business administration, asked various questions from categories such as music, movies, sports, literature and history.

There are three rounds with three categories each. The questions for the first round were fairly easy but got harder as the game went on.

There was a halftime in the event to total the scores and give the standings of the teams at that point.

Full house for the opening night.

The opening night prizes were $50 in Dunkin Donuts gift cards for the first place team to split and $30 in Dunkin Donuts gift cards for second place.

“Even if you lose terribly, it is still fun,” Vaccaro said.

“It’s an informal environment. We aren’t going to tell everyone when someone gets an answer wrong. It’s such a random assortment of questions. No one will know all the answers,” Jackson said.

Follow @MCTriviaNight for hints about questions, updates on the standings and news about Trivia Thursdays.

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